Steegle.One: the solution for your
Google Workspace Intranet 

A simple, fast and secure, online collaboration platform, built on Google Sites

Celebrate long service, work anniversaries and birthdays, and see upcoming events in the web-based Steegle.One Google Workspace intranet site
Unify the information silos into Steegle.One Intranet solution for Google Worekspace

Unleash the Power of Your Google Workspace Information

Your Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendars are filled with valuable information, but finding the One single source of truth can be a challenge. With a Google Site intranet design, you can bring this information to life in a secure, no-coding environment. Empower your coworkers with a centralized, ready-to-use intranet system that promotes collaboration and boosts the productivity of your entire organization.

Maximize teamwork, whether your colleagues are in the office on-premise or collaboratively working remotely, to achieve even greater results.

Find your coworkers, colleaguse and team members, no matter where they work - Steegle.One Google Workspace Intranet

Streamline Your Hybrid Workplace with One People Directory

The challenges of working in a hybrid environment can often make it difficult to understand who's who, what teams your colleagues belong to, and their skills, roles, and accomplishments. Many intranet solutions don't offer somewhere to guide you to the One, company-wide people directory and automatic, up-to-date org charts. 

Steegle.One is here to change that. Our social intranet solution offers a seamless sync with your Google Workspace directory, providing you with a centralized, up-to-date people directory and organizational chart that makes navigating your hybrid workplace a breeze

Keep up-to-date wherever you are: Communication and Collaboration cloud based News Channels

In a world of Google Chat, Slack and WhatsApp how do your employees find the One reliable source of important, corporate communication, announcements and company news? Steegle.One, the company intranet for Google Workspace, helps deliver messaging in the digital workplace, through the presentation of feeds and internal communications in an easy-to-use, microblogging news tool in the intranet.

Recognize your Superstar Employees on Steegle.One Intranet for Google Workspace

Recognize and Delight Employees: The One place to Reward your Heroes!

Celebrate your team members, and honor their teamwork, with an intranet-based employee recognition, kudos and shout-out tool, Heroes. Steegle.One provides for your employees the place to recognize, reward and keep track of milestones for those who perform above-and-beyond and increase employee engagement.

Unlock the full potential of your organization with Steegle.One - the ultimate customizable, private employee intranet solution built for Google Workspace.

publish documents, policies and files, searchable and easily found, in Share the Google Drive embedd tool in Steegle.One Google Sites intranet
Google Drive but a little better - Share for Steegle.One Google Sites Intranet

Cloud Collaboration re-imagined as the One source of truth

Google Drive and Google Docs offer wonderfully robust online collaborative tools and document management,  but the user-experience of finding these resources on an intranet can prove a difficult task. Steegle.One Intranet offers an intuitive, searchable file sharing view of Google Drive file storage in Google Sites (equivalent to Microsoft SharePoint).

Improve the secure and managed sharing and collaboration, and content management, on your intranet page with Share on Steegle.One for Google Workspace.

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Client Reviews and Case Studies - Steegle.One for Google Workspace

"I would highly recommend Steegle to anyone looking to create an intranet for their organization. Their team made the process easy for us, despite our limited in depth technical resources and were always available to guide us and ensure that we got exactly what we needed. The end result exceeded expectations and improved team collaboration and access to important information. I am extremely satisfied with the service and support provided by Steegle throughout the entire process and give them a 5-star rating!.

Dr Ian Goldstein
Co-Founder and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions
Steegle.One Intranet Solution for Google Workspace

How secure is Steegle.One?

We built Steegle.One to work exclusively with Google Workspace and its authentication protocols.  The actual intranet site sits on Google Sites with it's secure collaboration, and the Steegle gadgets (People, News, Share and Heroes) all built in Google Apps Script, to take advantage of the Google Workspace single-sign-on experience, and provide seamless access to your data.

What info is visible to Steegle?

None: Steegle.One only sends the licence keys and a monthly user count to Steegle, to check the validity of your licences. Steegle cannot see anything on your new intranet (unless you choose to provide access for support) and it's not possible for Steegle to see any of the gadgets' content without an organised screen sharing session.

Steegle cannot see any personally identifiable information (PII) unless you choose to explicitly share this with a Steegle staff member.

How does Steegle.One Enhance Collaboration?

Google Workspace already offers a vast range of online, powerful collaboration tools, that include: 

Steegle.One does not intend to replace or supplant these collaborative features but provide a web-based collaboration solution to bring all these tools together in One place and fill the gaps Google Sites cannot provide.

Does Steegle.One offer any Enterprise Social Networking Features?

Google Sites does not allow for any personalization (so the intranet cannot show different information to different people) and Google Workspace itself does not offer any social networking. 

Steegle.One intranet portal can fill some of those missing features with: