Steegle.One an all-in-one intranet
digital workspace built on Google Sites

Custom Theme

Personalized look and feel:  let our team expertly craft a Google Site that aligns with your corporate identity, and enhances user engagement through the use of engaging gadgets.

Effortless Editing

Seamless Editing Experience:  no extensive training required! Our team will design your site, then empower you to take control, with user-friendly tools, built on familiar Google technology.

Mobile Responsive

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere:  Steegle.One, built on Google Sites, is a fully mobile-compatible intranet site, providing your employees with access to essential information from any device, anywhere.

People Search

Find and Connect with Colleagues Effortlessly:  Our People tool empowers you to search for employees, teams, departments, and more, in real-time, with access to skills, qualifications, interests, and photos; never feel alone again.


Stay Informed with Steegle News:  Effortlessly distribute company updates, announcements, and news, with Steegle.One News, a simple tool for broadcasting information graphically company-wide, to departments or offices.

Document Library

Search the single source of truth:  Steegle.One Share provides a document library for your important forms and reports. Don't leave the intranet to find your files; let Share display your policies and procedures where everyone can find them.

Org Charts

Up-to-date, current org structure:  view auto-generated, instant organization charts, by person, department, or the entire organization, that Steegle.One keeps relevant by automation with Workspace.

Celebrate Staff

Celebrate Employee Milestones:  Steegle.One allows you to recognize and celebrate important events such as birthdays and work anniversaries, and discover more about your coworkers.


Keep your staff informed:  send the latest company news on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, through email newsletters, linked back to full news articles on the intranet, that drives utilization.

Google Sites

Custom Themes 

Example dark-colored custom theme for Google Sites provided by Steegle.One Intranet

Offering an on-brand, socially-engaging intranet helps your team negotiate the hybrid work environment, and delivers employee engagement, to improve their work output, with an online collaborative platform. Successful intranets offer user experiences recognized by Nielsen Norman Group's intranet design methodology, which Steegle.One closely follows.

Corporate IdentityCaptured in Design

We use your brand guidelines, or your public website, to inspire an Internet design, perfectly suited to your bespoke requirements not a one-size fits-all offer.

Promote your values

Motivate your employees with the organization's vision, mission and values, minimize confusion and maximize collaboration with a cloud-based intranet.


We create informative app buttons to sign-in to your third-party tools.

Team Pages

Departments and local offices can easily update their own pages and utilize automated gadgets to display team members and share files.

Example brightly-coloured custom theme for Google Sites provided by Steegle.One Intranet
Example colourful custom theme for Google Sites provided by Steegle.One Intranet

Open up the Intranet

Upon web-browser open your employees will see the corporate intranet first thing, with useful links to everyday apps and employee wiki infomation.

Google Partnership

Steegle regularly meets with the Google Sites Team and can advise on the latest intranet and Google Sites best practice

Steegle People logo

Steegle.One People

Find People

Display content-rich employee profiles searched by attributes, for example, name, skills, roles, fun facts like favorite food and drink, interests or something appropriate to your organization's culture.

Always Up To Date

Indirect and direct managers, and the users themselves can update information, minimizing human resources involvement, stored privately and securely in Google Workspace, accessible by only your organization. 

Screenshot of a content-rich user profile in People, the employee directory, of Steegle.One INtranet for Google Workspace

Simplify data management with digitization, to enable the company's modern ideal of the hybrid workplace, post pandemic, work from office and home, and find teammates through user-generated lists of qualifications and skills.

Steegle People logo

Steegle.One Org Charts

Example of Steegle.One Intranet People directory - org chart showing the reporting hierarchy of an organisation

Steege.One's Org Charts offers a cloud-based collaboration tool that provides an always updated list of employees, automating the complete user lifecycle and allows you to create hierarchical charts on your PC or tablet. This tool can be easily integrated into a secure employee intranet through a responsive website. To showcase its benefits, Steege.One provides case studies highlighting how various organizations have improved employee engagement through an enterprise social network."

Automated, Instant, Organization Charts

Effortless Company-Wide Org Charts - Steegle.One automatically generates organization charts based on the relationships between manager and reports listed in the Google Workspace directory, eliminating the need for manual updates using complex tools.

Department Charts

Departmental Organograms - Get an instant visual of a single department, team, with Steegle.One's departmental organization charts. Use the chart to easily navigate the reporting hierarchy.

Steegle News logo

Steegle.One News

Publish your News

Write compelling and interesting news articles for your organization and present a mosaic overview on your Steegle.One intranet start page for all employees to see.  Search for announcements by either date, tag or content or pre-filter the news, by hashtag, in a news channel.

Updates from Feeds and Users

Source news updates from internet-based RSS and Atom feeds or allow your users to provide contributions and moderate article publication via a list of news admins

News in mosaic view by Steegle.One Intranet for Google Workspace

Streamline internal communications with Steegle.One News - The web-based platform allows your company to automate messaging, connect internal communications across departments, teams, and affinity groups, and integrate them into your intranet with automatic newsletter features. 

Optimize your communication process with Steegle.One News' easy-to-use interface for configuring and maintaining secure communications.

Steegle Share logo

Steegle.One File Library

Example of Steegle.One Document Library - a Shared Drive, in Google Drive, folder hierarchy displaying an open folder in grid view with sorting and title and content search

Google Sites does not offer collaborative workspaces. With Steegle.One, however, you can access your Google Drive files, and manage them, within the intranet, through a user-friendly file library interface. This simplifies file sharing and makes it possible to index your Google Drive files without leaving the intranet system. With secure and efficient file storage offered by Google Drive, and the search capabilities provided by Steegle.One, your end users can easily access the knowledge in your organisation.

Searchable, One Source of Truth

Display to your employees all the up-to-date and official files, policies and procedures, so your team members can rely on the document found is the current, published version.

View, Search, and Sort

The search box offers the ability to find the documents you need, by either name or the content of the file. View as either a grid or a list.

Steegle Heroes Logo

Steegle.One Heroes

Shoutout your Stars

Effortlessly recognize the efforts of your employees. Give shout-outs, expressions of gratitude, compliments, and recognition for outstanding performance, going above and beyond, or just for their overall excellence. 

Hero Spotlight

Highlight your star employee with this feature in Heroes. Showcase the employee of the month and give them the recognition they deserve.

Example of Heroes, then employee recognition and shout-outs system, for Google Sites Intranets, by Steegle.One

Integrate Steegle.One's secure and centralized employee recognition system into your company's internal empolyee experience to facilitate enterprise collaboration. Thank coworkers for their actions, communication, and collaboration with the help of the Heroes feature.

Questions about Steegle.One

Steegle.One Subscription

What is included in a Steegle.One subscription?

Subscribing to Steegle.One provides you with access to all Steegle tools, including Steegle People, Steegle News, and Steegle Share, for a single cost and with five-star support. Please note that design and implementation fees may also apply.

Can you bill us monthly for our Steegle.One subscription?

We bill for Steegle.One annually, normally, but if you refer to our sales team, or Steegle Partner, offers may become available.

How does Steegle.One handle data privacy and data management?

At Steegle, data privacy and management are given top priority. We do not have access to any confidential data and are not considered data processors under GDPR regulations. All data remains within your Google Workspace, where it can be easily retrieved at any time, with or without our support. Should you decide to leave our organization, your data will still be accessible to you.

Can you offer case studies of successful implementations of Steegle.One?

Steegle.One, a platform built on Google Workspace technology, offers full customization and has been used by a diverse range of industries to create Intranet platforms for their employees. 

These industries include Technology, Education, Finance, Not-for-Profit, Healthcare, Food and Restaurants, Accounting, Motoring, Franchise, Shipping, Security, Online and others in countries such as the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Case studies are available for many of these industries, and you can ask your Steegle account manager for more information.

Steegle.One Project Process

Do I have to learn to use Steegle.One?

The adoption of Steegle.One is made easy as it utilizes Google Workspace technology, meaning no additional training is required. However, as part of the solution, your project lead will offer your team with Google Sites training and Steegle.One's tools to ensure a seamless integration into your internal user experience.

How long does a Steegle.One project take?

IImplementing solutions from rival companies can be a time-consuming endeavor that could take many months, or even a year. However, Steegle.One leverages the powerful tools already available in Google Workspace to provide you with a custom, ready-to-use solution in a fraction of the time. 

Our projects can be completed in as little as 3 weeks, providing you with a turn-key on-brand solution that will feel like an integral part of your business from the start.

Do you offer intranet migration services?

Steegle.One Partners can offer to migrate from legacy platforms on Interact, Unily, Jostle, Joomla, Lumapps, Happeo, SharePoint, Wordpress, and many more.

Is it easy to administer Steegle.One?

Yes, administering Steegle.One is simple and easy. It is based on standard Google administration and the settings of each of the tools within Steegle.One. Designated administrators can set up user profiles with ease and add custom attributes, such as qualifications, to save time for end users and Google administrators.

Steegle.One compared to Other Solutions

Steegle.One design philosophy

The design philosophy of Steegle.One is centered on enhancing Google Sites by offering a comprehensive intranet solution. Out-of-the-box, Google Sites lacks several key features that Steegle.One provides, including:

Steegle.One addresses these needs and continuously adds new features to the platform. As it's built on Google Sites, it maintains the simplicity and familiarity of Google, including administration, security, and single sign-on.

How does Steegle.One compare with Happeo?

Happeo / Universe offers an intranet platform that work with Google Workspace. We find these key differences:

Why is Steegle.One needed if you have Google Sites?

Google Sites is user-friendly, accessible on mobile devices, and capable of handling a high volume of users. However, it was not specifically designed to function as an intranet or employee experience platform (EXP). 

To fill this gap, Steegle has created Steegle.One Intranet Solution, which enhances Google Sites and provides the necessary features to make it a comprehensive intranet solution. 

With over a decade of experience on Google Sites, Steegle offers a simple and affordable solution to bring your intranet to life.

How does Steegle.One compare with Lumapps?

Steegle.One and Lumapps both provide intranet employee experince solutions that integrate with Google Workspace. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms:

Do you need an intranet on Google Workspace?

Google Workspace offers a powerful set of collaborative tools but without a central place for employees to find vital information. Steegle.One intranet offers a one-stop-shop for all your information pull together all the information you have in intranet  intranpeople to find information.

Our philosophy is that an intranet can act like a virtual reception desk  to help you navigate the sea of organisational knowledge. This is more important than ever in hybrid, remote-working or distributed working environments. It's a great place for new joiners and seasoned employees to get "watercooler" news snippets and forms and processes alike.

Steegle.One vs Papyrs, Simpplr, Jostle, Thoughtfamer etc

Papyrs, Simpplr, Jostle, Thoughtfamer, Igloo, Unily and other comparable platforms do not have a close integration with Google Workspace, and store confidential data on their own servers, requiring thorough training for use. Unlike Steegle.One, which leverages familiar Google Workspace principles, these platforms may incur higher long-term costs. If you need more information on how Steegle.One compares, please contact a Steegle Partner or sales representative.

Springboard General

What kind of support and training does Steegle.One offer?

Our turnkey packages come with comprehensive training, including full instruction on Google Sites and administrative training on all Steegle.One tools. For small and medium size implementations we train up to 6 people. 

Which industries does Steegle.One Intranet work with, e.g. education, retail?

Steegle.One Intranet is versatile and caters to a range of industries, including but not limited to: 

 If you would like to see how it works for your specific industry, feel free to request a demo.

How secure is and what kind of security measures does it have in place?

Steegle.One is secure and implements strict security measures to protect your confidential data. 

Its tools are installed individually for each client within their own Google Workspace tenant, ensuring that sensitive information remains with the client at all times. Additionally, by not requiring synchronization with third-party systems, the security of your data is further protected.

 If you have specific questions or concerns about security, you can reach out to a Steegle representative for clarification.

How does Steegle.One integrate with Google Workspace?

Steegle.One is fully integrated with Google Workspace, as its tools run entirely within the Google environment. This provides a seamless and familiar experience for users, while still delivering powerful functionality. With Steegle.One, there is no need to switch between multiple systems or sync data, making it easier to manage your intranet and work more efficiently.

Can Steegle.One be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization?

Yes, Steegle.One can be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization. With access to all Steegle tools, including Steegle People, Heroes, Steegle News, and Steegle Share, you can create a tailored solution for your organization. 

The design and implementation of the solution can be customized. With Steegle.One, you get a comprehensive intranet solution and five-star support for a single cost.

How do our users access steegle.One intranet?

Users can access Steegle.One intranet by using a URL on your Google Workspace which will be provided. Steegle.One intranet is a Google site, so the users can also access it directly by logging into their Google account. This intranet serves as a central hub for common applications, news, and files, making it a convenient starting point for work or finding colleagues, knowlege and expertise.