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Steegle.One Intranet for Google Workspace

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built with Steegle.One Intranet for Google Workspace, based on Google Sites:

Global: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat logo for Google Workspace intranet case study
Beyond Meat chooses Intranet for Google Workspace for its intranet platform based on Google Sites with Employee Directory, News and File Libraries


Beyond Meat, Inc. is a US and international producer of plant-based meat substitutes. With its emphasis on research and development it has developed premium products and supplied  leading corporations like McDonald's with  plant-based meat substitutes. Beyond Meat has about 1200 Users across the globe.


...Today our new intranet is successfully developed with Steegle Tools in place and is available to all our staff around the globe. The feedback has been excellent. We found working with Steegle very easy, as they always listen to our needs, gave us friendly training and have remained responsive when we need help! I'm delighted to recommend them! Five Stars!

Adam Lee HRIP
Director, People Operations at Beyond Meat


As Beyond Meat had grown rapidly, and matured its IT infrastructure, its legacy intranet platform, Jostle, was no longer keeping pace with the company's requirements. Beyond Meat needed to maintain up to date links to relevant intranet applications, so a new intranet design was required. Jostle's portal solution did not improve productivity and proved expensive, so Beyond Meat chose Springboard Intranet for Google Workspace which follows the Nielsen Norman Group intranet design philosophy.


Steegle worked closely with the Beyond Meat team to tailor a corporate intranet solution to meet their business requirements and give them a fully customised on-brand look and feel, and company-wide, private network solution.

IT: Nile Global

Nile Intranet Portal built on Steegle.One Intranet for Google Workspace
Org Chart on Nile Intranet Portal built on Steegle.One Intranet for Google Workspace


Nile Secure: Pioneering Networking Solutions for a Connected World
Based in San Jose, California, Nile Secure is a trailblazer in the networking-as-a-service industry. In 2018, a team of innovative thinkers came together with a mission to transform the way networks are managed. With a focus on secure connectivity and network independence, Nile Secure offers both wired and wireless networking services.


Positive Feedback from Key Players

"Steegle's commitment to security and responsiveness made a lasting impression on me as a Product & Information Security Leader. Working with Steegle was a breeze, even across time zones, and the Google Workspace integration added an extra layer of security." 

Krishna Athur 

Head Product & Information Security.

"As Head of HR and Internal Communications, I was pleasantly surprised by how the Steegle tools reduced our workload. The platform's intuitive design, based on Google Sites, was easy for our team to use and kept our intranet organized and under control. The design fully met our strict branding guidelines." 

 Anna May Myers

 Head of HR and Internal Communications.


Overcoming Growing Pains with an Intuitive Intranet. As Nile Secure expanded, the company encountered several challenges in keeping everyone on the same page and maintaining its company culture. With employees scattered across different continents and working in diverse time zones, Nile Secure needed a central hub to manage employee resources, build its culture, and ensure the intranet was customized to its specific needs. Nile Secure required an intranet solution that was secure, customizable, and automated to minimize workload and avoid disorganization.


After thorough market research, Nile Secure chose Steegle's Steegle.One intranet. The company was impressed with the security and customization capabilities of Steegle.One and appreciated the added peace of mind that came with the Google Workspace integration. 

The Verdict: Nile Secure's Journey to a Seamless Intranet with SteegleOne. Nile Secure found the perfect intranet solution with SteegleOne. The platform's security, customization, and automation features allowed Nile Secure to streamline its workload, build its culture, and focus on growth. The company was impressed with Steegle's ease of use, security, and responsiveness, even across different time zones.

Healthcare: Soar Autism Center

Soar Autism Center logo for Google Sites intranet case study
Intranet Portal for a Family Service: Soar Autism Center, built on Steegle.One Intranet for Google Workspace


Soar Autism Center, a Colorado-based organization, offers a play-focused approach to autism therapy to improve outcomes for children with autism. The center is rapidly growing, providing integrated, multi-disciplinary services all under one roof, with a strong emphasis on family involvement. 

The organization was founded by a physician entrepreneur and education expert, with the goal of providing the highest quality care for children with autism.


"I would highly recommend Steegle to anyone looking to create an intranet for their organization. Their team made the process easy for us, despite our limited in depth technical resources and were always available to guide us and ensure that we got exactly what we needed. The end result exceeded expectations and improved team collaboration and access to important information. I am extremely satisfied with the service and support provided by Steegle throughout the entire process and give them a 5-star rating!.

Dr Ian Goldstein
Co-Founder and CEO


Soar is a rapidly growing organization with multiple sites, and as they grew, they found that traditional methods of communication such as meetings and paper-based documentation and handbooks were not scalable to their needs. Staff needed quick and easy access to information eg onboarding information, staff profiles and directories, handbooks, manuals, standard operating procedures, forms but these were scattered across different silos and difficult to access. The organization realized that they needed a centralized solution that would allow for efficient communication and information sharing among staff. That's why they turned to Steegle to build them an intranet site based on Google Sites, fully customized to their specific needs and brand.


Steegle, worked closely with the Soar to understand their specific needs and deliver a tailored solution for their intranet. A key focus was on providing easy but secure access to handbooks, FAQs, procedures and other important information for staff. The final result was a fully customized, easy-to-update, and always relevant intranet.

Finance: Inlanta Mortgage Intranet

Inlanta Mortgage logo for Google Workspace intranet case study
Inlanta Mortgage headed to Steegle for a perfect-to-fit intranet solution - Steegle.One Google Sites Intranet Solution.


Inlanta Mortgage started in 1993 when founder, John Knowlton, opened an office in Waukesha to help the community get mortgage loans. Ten years later, it became one of the few privately held lenders to survive the 2006 mortgage crisis. Today, Inlanta is one of the nation’s most venerable, well-respected independent mortgage banks.


Steegle Rocks!

We have worked with Steegle a few times over the past 5 years. They are far and away the expert in using Google sites. They are always great at explaining what can be done and how while finding creative solutions for our company.

Chris Knowlton
Chief Information Officer 


Inlanta was hunting for a perfect-to-fit solution to meet its intranet requirements with people based in hybrid working environments who need access to up-to-date forms, documents and news. Being involved in financial services, security was a paramount consideration.  Having worked within the Google Workspace GWS environment, they were comfortable with Google Sites, as it could provide robust security and ease-of-use, but recognised the need for more functionality than vanilla Google Sites can provide e.g. on-brand design, staff directory, org charts and seamless file sharing. They then turned to Steegle for enhanced functionality provided by Steegle Springboard for Google Sites.


Steegle studied the requirements of Inlanta and delivered a customised-to-fit solution for their Intranet requirements with a particular focus on document compliance and sharing. The Inlanta staff are today fully independent in updating the site and using the Steegle tools to easily maintain currency and relevance of the Intranet software platform.

Science: ISB Intranet

ISB Science logo for Google Sites intranet case study
Intranet for science research facility built with Steegle.One Intranet Solution for Google Workspace
App Locker Intranet for science research facility built with Steegle.One Intranet Solution for Google Workspace


ISB was created in 2000 as the first-ever institute dedicated to systems biology. A collaborative and cross-disciplinary nonprofit biomedical research organization based in Seattle. ISB focus on some of the most pressing issues in human health, including brain health, cancer, the gut biome and aging, as well as many chronic and infectious diseases. ISB is an affiliate of Providence St. Joseph Health, one of the the United States largest not-for-profit health care systems.


We were so pleased to find the Steegle Springboard intranet solution for Google Sites. It is a very functional and affordable add-on to Google Sites that has made a huge difference in improving our intranet. The Steegle team is so helpful and knowledgeable. They turned what could have been a daunting experience into something easy and fun. We were delighted to roll out the new intranet to our organization, and that is thanks in large part to this tremendous team and product. We definitely would recommend!

Allison Kudla
VP Commuications 

Note: ISB Science intranet design uses Google Sites with side navigation, to create a culture that encourages knowledge sharing and provide enterprise information architecture to support team collaboration and knowledge management.


ISB was searching for robust solution providing a complete content management system to create the linked locations of the organization, with the help of an employee intranet website. The collaboration solution needed to be provided speedily, without any worries about data security and compliance, with the goal to improve employee productivity. ISB Science explored CMS options, like Sharepoint intranet and Jive, for their intranet platform and they selected Springboard Intranet for Google Workspace.


Steegle designed a powerful Intranet solution for ISB to bridge the communication gap. The implementation was also carried out in record quick time of a few weeks with proactive project management by the ISB team.